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There is a disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis in communities of color. Martin Luther King III examines the disparity and the conditions...  Full Article »

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Should President Obama use executive action to force an immigration change?
Yes. Congress won't do anything to support him, so he'll do it himself
Maybe. I still think he should wait to see if Congress can come together
No. He's overreaching and shouldn't go against Congress.
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Who Plays the Race Card? -- The Trust Gap Between Blacks and Whites

Blacks and whites in America view race and race relations differently. According to author Kwame Salter, those differences can create ...  Read More »

Young Adults In the U.S. More Likely to Attend College

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The "Democratic" Origin and Evolution of Racism

Author and professor Ezrah Aharone explores the roots of racism in America, how it has evolved over the years, and the subtle forms in which it still exists in American society today. Read More »

Issues that Matter Most to African-Americans Over Age 50

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13 Truths About Relationships We Can't Avoid

The difficult side of dating and relationships is understanding that the world and people are not precise puzzle pieces that fit neatly together. There are several truths that all of us ...  Read More »
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