Online Magazine For Black Men
Mybrotha.COM is a black-owned and operated information-based magazine focusing on black men and the Black community.

Established in 2002, Mybrotha.COM is one of the premier online magazines for the African-American audience. Our structured, straightforward approach delivers quality content that empowers and enriches the lives of African-American men and black men worldwide.

Several websites target African-Americans, but none focus specifically and adequately on black men. Mybrotha.COM offers its readers a variety of content including relationship advice, men's health articles, community stories, news events, job listings, and inspirational features.

Our Goals and Promises
Mybrotha.COM will only provide factual and verifiable information for educational and entertainment purposes. We will not always be the first to break a news story, but we will continue to deliver what our readers want--empowering, suppportive content.

We Are This, Not That
Although our target audience is the Black community, we do not discriminate against persons, businesses or entities based on race, religion or national origin. We refuse to promote negative, discriminatory, or derrogatory information about women, other ethnicities, or other cultures.

We encourage black men to lead more positive and productive lives within their families and within their communities.

We welcome you to Mybrotha.COM, and thank you for joining us.

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