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Brian Bolden Houston, TX - Who are you? How do you view yourself, as a black man or a man who happens to be black? What's the difference? I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black written by Brian Bolden, says it all. This is one of the most extraordinary books that every man, every woman of every race must read. It is guaranteed to change the lives of men and women of all races, cultures and environments.

Brian Bolden was born and raised in Killeen, Texas and graduated from Killeen High School. After graduating high school he attended Lamar University on a basketball scholarship. Four years later he graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Communications. It was then he realized his call and purpose in life was helping others. After realizing he also had a call from a higher power, he announced his call to the ministry and now resides in Houston, Texas as a finance director at a Chevrolet dealership.

Brian, after extensive research regarding the African American race, was inspired to write I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black. He saw a race of people falling by the wayside by the thousands and still mentally living in bondage and the past because of their mentality, thought process and mind-set. During his research, he discovered several things, in which I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black chronicles those discoveries. The book addresses the mentality of African American men who continue to view themselves as black men and nigga's as opposed to those who view themselves as men who just happen to be black. I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black deals with African American men who continue to struggle with their identity because of their past, lack of knowledge, lack of education, and refusal to expose themselves to anything else outside of the black culture and environment. I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black also addresses African Americans who are still mentally living in bondage because they continue to hold the e ntire Caucasian race of today responsible for what their parents and grandparents did to our parents and grandparents when they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Brian Bolden is dedicated and committed to helping African Americans understand instead of clinging to the past, we must be thankful for the struggles of our parents and grandparents because those struggles gave us the opportunities we have today. I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black was written to help men come out of bondage, help women choose better mates, and help other races understand the African American male in general, in addition to addressing many other issues regarding the African American male.

Lastly, Brian Bolden is committed to helping African Americans understand that because of the struggles of our parents and grandparents we now have choices and opportunities. Therefore, as a race, we must now take advantage of every opportunity that was made possible by our parents and grandparents, because we are now able to become successful men who happen to be black without any restrictions.

I'm a Man Who Happens To Be Black is a book that is destined to change the way we all look at the African American male and touch the lives and hearts of millions.

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