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Jay Carrington Snead Jay Carrington Snead
School: Bethune-Cookman University
Major Concentration: Elementary Education

Those who claim black men don't pursue careers in education have never met Jay Carrington Snead. Snead, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, is currently an Elementary Education major at Bethune Cookman University. His passion to teach and educate young African-American students can be felt in his own words.

"My life goal is to become the best principal the state of Georgia has ever seen," Snead said. "As a principal, I will inspire young black men and women to strive in order to achieve their goals, no matter the circumstance, and to emphasize that with hard work and drive the phrase, 'The sky is your limit,' is nothing but the inevitable truth."

Snead also hopes to repair the stereotypcial image of HBCUs as being 'backup schools' for black youth. Being a proud product of a historically black university, Snead wants to showcase the same values that were instilled in him by Bethune-Cookman.

"Blacks should realize HBCUs help mold young black men and women into outstanding adults by truly helping them to deal with self issues, diverse cultures, and general life lessons needed to survive in this world we live in today," Snead mentioned.

During his sophomore year at Bethune-Cookman, Snead was the Student Government Associationís Council Person At Large, the Sophomore Class ambassador, Faith Believing Individualís Chaplain, an active member of Model United Nations, and the co-chair of Bethune-Cookman's Relay for Life Campaign. One year prior, Snead was Freshmen Class President, a part of the astounding Sons of Legacy (Royal Court), a Peer Counselor, Freshmen Mentor, and apart of Epicurean Modeling Troupe.

When asked about education, life and black men in America, Snead said:

Q: What do you feel about your responsibility to the University?

"I feel my main responsibility to my University is to make sure the entire student body recognizes their responsibility to their University; I cannot change things alone. I must inspire my fellow students to continue to grow in our institution, pray for greatness and the well being of our institution, and to be apart of change. I must keep students well aware of important school events and show them how democracy works within our institution; how to handle situations professionally, politically and within protocol. I will leave my University knowing I made a change, whether it is recognized or not, to ensure that Bethune-Cookman University will continue to stand for greatness. I have to up hold the schools motto, 'Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.'"

Q: What are your thoughts on the image of Black Men in general?

"I feel the image of black men has unfortunately dwindled. Although we have a black man as President, we, as black men, have to step to the plate and show others exactly why we are powerful. Black men are using Barack Obama as a clutch to say 'we have overcome,' when in actuality he is just one great example of prosperity. Yes, we have several successful black men who have made great contributions to help the African American population, but that does not account for the black males who have not. We still have to deal with those who are on the streets, do not care for their children, drop out of school, strung out on drugs, and those who walk our very streets and we haphazardly past them by. When we come together as a race, and make an outstanding image for both black men and all African Americans is when we can say 'we have overcome.'"

Q: Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

"My mother, by far, has had the largest influence on my life. She has readily inspired me to strive for great things, and has always supported me in everything I have done."

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