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Aundrey DeShon Page Aundrey DeShon Page
School: Loyola Marymount University
Major Concentration: Double: Business Marketing and Psychology
President of Brothers of Consciousness

The extraordinary impact of being positive and dedicated can be seen in many students, but Aundrey DeShon Page, an outstanding student at Loyola-Marymount University, gives new meaning to these words. Page, a San Jose, CA native currently pursuing a double major in Business Marketing and Psychology, expects to be one of the black community's future respected leaders by making a difference in people's lives.

"My responsibility to my community, my University, and America is to walk across the stage May 12, 2012, knowing that I just made it possible for more African-American men to attend college and graduate," said Page. "It is my responsiblity to throw the rope back that was handed to me in order to lift everyone else in the black community up. To describe this, I like to use an Akan proverb: 'Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu' which means, 'a person is a person because there are people.' Therefore, I am because we are. It is important to recognize that I would not be here if it were not for the people before me chartering my path."

Page exhibits his dedication to school and community by his involvement in several activities. He is the President of The Brothers of Consciousness (BOC), an organization for black males that seeks to promote the retention of black men in college, empower the community through service, and provide a safe haven for issues affecting black men. Page is also the program coordinator for Loyola-Marymount's Black Students Union (BSU); an associate justice in the Student Body Government (ASLMU); a member of Higher Learning Ministries; and a member of The Learning Community (TLC), a program designed to increase retention of black students in college by acclimating to college life as well as the Los Angeles area.

It isn't difficult to see where Page gets his motivation. One inspirational source is his father, who has raised Aundrey since the death of his mother at 7 years of age. The other source is long-time mentor Robbie Lee, who saw Aundray's potential and helped cultivate it by supporting his growth.

Though Page plans to attend law school after completing his undergraduate studies at Loyola-Marymount, he knows the road isn't always the same for many young black men. "Black men are often displayed as thugs and criminials in the media," Page explained. "They have sought to destroy us since the time of enslavement--yet we are still here. With the election of Barack Obama, I think the image is beginning to change. But we must look inside of ourselves to change."

With a strong academic and professional future ahead of him, Page adds: "I thank God for every second he has blessed me with and my family for always supporting me--especially my dad. I embrace the role of being a service for people and an agent of change. I would like to attribute a lot of my growth to my 'bestist,' Breea Bass, who has made me the man I am today.

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