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Darrell Dexter Randle Darrell Dexter Randle
School: Auburn University
Major Concentration: Architecture
BSU (Black Student Union)

A strong foundation is most important in the life of Darrell Dexter Randle. An Architecture major from Mobile, Alabama, this gentleman plans to design and build a successful life for himself in the future after his studies at Auburn University. Randle has made major adjustments to attain his college education by making decisions ranging from family and friends, to tuition and finances.

Randle has been part of a big culture shock and is savvy in his adaption. His growth as a person has been proven after being pushed into tough situations, and proving that he is strong enough to abstain from unfavorable circumstances.

Education is extremely important to Randle and he continues to strive for an immaculate academic record. One important goal is to graduate "Summa Cum Laude." Randle aims to prepare himself for graduation within the next two years by completing a challenging and demanding academic program.

Randle has also made numerous connections to position himself as a worthy candidate for graduate school. Once enrolled, he will obtain a masters degree and hopes to join a reputable architecture firm. Dexter has come to the conclusion that he wants to be a licensed architect and start his own company.

A proud member of the Black Student Union at Auburn, Randle aims to become more involved with the University and more active in the community. "It's crucial to surround yourself with positive people," says Randle. This is a truism that should be heeded by all. He has learned first hand from his experiences: "You are who you hang around."

Randle knows that being a black man in this era, there are social responsibilities that we all have. "We as a community and as men have to break the mold and catch young black men when they are young. We must teach them right from wrong because once you reach a certain age, there's only so much you can do or say to change a personís way of life."

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By Ian Evans

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