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Empowering Real Men
Often responsible for being fathers, head of the household and companion, many black men have grown into true leaders throughout their lives. But others struggle with their identity. We may wonder what our call to duty is, or which roles we should play. These questions and many more will be answered when we walk by faith, harness strength, and exhibit courage.
Rise, Grind and Grow
What does it take to conquer difficulty and rise beyond adversity? What do you do when life becomes a constant struggle?
Holding It Down
What does it take to make ends meet? Sometimes, one job won't do it. Black men across America are pulling all-nighters as they strive to beat the economy...
Insights from a Manís Perspective Ė Black Menís Jealousy
A little talked about fact is the level of jealousy that seems to be prevalent among black men. Whether it's called "hating", envy or simply distrust a jealous man can be malicious ...
You Are Not Invisible
When Larry, an advertising executive for a major marketing firm, stepped up to the curb to hail a cab in his three-piece suit with his Brooks Brothers briefcase in hand, three taxis passed him by ...
Are African-Americans Missing the Boat?
Each of us has another person hidden inside and eager to get out, an alter ego willing to take calculated risks in order to achieve a fuller and more rewarding life ...
Promoting Black Men and Boys' Achievement
The Open Society Institute's U.S. Programs today announced a new campaign to address the exclusion of African American men and boys from the economic and political mainstream ...
The Perfect Knowledge-Base
Throughout the course of our daily experiences, decisions are made to solve and navigate routine challenges, without much thought. Every now and then, however, we face a Kairos ...
Pulling Yourself Up By The Bootstraps
A few decades ago when the life and history of the personal computer was being established, there was a phrase used to describe the mechanical processes needed to crank the machine.
The Provider
I have been married for 16 years and I have always known that my role as husband and father meant that I had to be the Provider. It wasnít until recently that I gained a true understanding of what that really means.
10 Qualities Of A Man
Recent studies show that there are many homes in which men are not present. At one time these statistics mainly pertained to minorities, however today they transcend race and socioeconomic lines.
The Transition Into Manhood
What is your definition of a Man? If you ask that question to a group of men you'll hear many different answers depending upon environment and upbringing.
American Legacy Magazine's 3rd Annual Honor Ceremony
As the Nation Celebrates the First Black President-Elect, The Premier Source of African-American History and Culture Honors Lifetime Achievements of Douglas Barry, David Harris, Spike Lee ...
Head of Household
The phrase "head of household" is used by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to describe an unmarried person who pays more than 50% of the costs of keeping up a home. In a marriage ...
Building Black Leaders: A Way to Empower Men
The undeniable history of our forefathers tells many stories of power, strength, leadership and prosperity. African kings like Mansa Musa, King of Mali, was a powerful leader who established trade, built schools, courts, and ...
What Black Men Think
Ever think about how statistics related to Black men make their way into your conversations? Many people receive African-American related news and process it ...
American Legacy Magazine Honors Black Men
"American Legacy," the magazine of African-American history and culture, will host its First Annual "Men of Honor & Distinction" Awards ceremony Thursday, November, 9, 2006 in New York City. "American Legacy" is pleased ...
Adam Where Art Thou?
A disobedient soul, lack of initiative, coupled with shame did Adam in, and when our Lord came looking for him, he hid. Is it safe to say that Black men are still hiding, sans the fortitude needed to be accountable?
Reaching Out To Your Brother
Many Black men who consider themselves to be among the elite sometimes have difficulty understanding why some Black men struggle with life's most challenging obstacles. Whether those obstacles ...
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