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The Bachelor?
This is regarding the ABC show "The Bachelor". After what 5 seasons I think it'd be nice for ABC to put a person of color in there rather than the odd person of color that quickly gets booted from the show as a potential.

Sure ratings will go down but so what? There are latinos, blacks, asians, pacific islanders etc that want to enjoy being the focus for a change. Sure would be nice if the US in 2006 was progressive enough to do such a thing. sigh
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I think either last year or in 2004, there was a black woman as the bachelorette. Does that count?

The only black men I've seen on the show, were guys who were willing to date one of the white bachelorettes. But never a "black bachelor".
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You will never see that show unless BET produces it.

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Forum Start > Relationships > Dating > The Bachelor?

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