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Spice up the love making
I like to play some nice slow music, pamper my lady with a full body massage with scented oils.

What is everybody elses?

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Well, since mine and I have only been together for a few months, and have agreed to not be intimate for a while, we spend a lot of time cultivating each others desires. She loves flowers, so I've created a flower garden out of her entire yard and maintain it each week. She on the other hand, know how much I like certain sports, so we now play doubles, in tennis, golf and pool on a regular basis. Of course there's a lot of hand holding during these times.

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Been maried for 3 years this time around (the first time was 7 years...different woman) and I have to say that I am looking for the same things. I do the same with the pampering and music...but I also found that there is more to 4play than just in the bedroom.
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That's right!

I start by sending sexy text messeages all through out the day, if I have time show to her job with a rose or some kind of flower and by the time she makes it home I have dinner ready and waiting for her!
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Forum Start > Relationships > Couples And Marriage > Spice up the love making

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