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Power Poll: Ice Cube's Best Movies
Power Poll: ICE CUBE's Best DVDs

Which of the following is your favorite Ice Cube Movie:


Next Friday?

Friday After Next?


The Player Club?

Posted by:Urban Celebrity News
6/12/2006 14:51 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
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The movie that launched Chris Tucker. It was interesting ..funny and not stereotypical. My next favorite is the Barbershop. It dealt with real issues and had frank discussion. It's what a black movie should be with a strong black family.

Wherever you go...there you are.
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Has to be Friday...same reasons.
6/13/2006 13:56 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
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Im thinking Friday did it for me too! That was one of the funniest movies Id seen.
6/14/2006 12:31 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
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As far as a comedy movie for me it is Friday, but dealing with searious issues of a black family trying to mak ends meet it is Barber Shop.

If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more. - Harriet Tubman
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Friday (the original)

XXX: State of the Union (I love action movies, but didnt give Cube credit when they announced he was replacing Vin. After I did see it, I thought he did a good job with what wasnt a great script)
10/12/2006 13:10 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
J. Dub
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Friday... absolute classic (though he should have stopped with the first one IMO).

The Barbershop is a close second.
2/8/2007 01:29 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
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