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Keyshia Cole's interview
I heard Keyshia Cole's interview on the Doug Banks Morning Show the other day, first I must say that I am disappointed in the garbage that is being put out as so called talent.

Dee Dee was trying to ask this girl simple questions about her reality show and about being compared to Mary J. This chick gets all defensive and has the biggest chip on her shoulder. It was so bad that Dee Dee had to ask if she was offending her??

And about being compared to Mary, in my opinion, yes Mary was really ghetto when she first came out. But this was mostly due to alcohol and drugs, now look at how well she is doing. And Mary can sing her sexy butt off, even while geeked out on drugs during her first album she has a great voice. Well...where is Keyshia's talent voice. somewhere back in Oakland? This broad sounds like a cat that has been dropped in a tub of water. I seen her perform on BET's spring break can you be singing a slow terrible love song, but make it look like you are doing a rap song??? She has no range, tone deaf, and sounds like she smokes too many Newports. That slow song sounds like it was just thrown together in just 5 minutes, has a dull boring beat. And I know that she is not trying to riff on it, sounds like she should be in the Apls yodeling calling the sheep or something.

The funny thing about her show is on the first episode Puffy was on the phone with her, saying that she has the greatest voice since Mary. He was also saying that he is he number one fan, the president of the Keyshia Cole fan club. Come on Puff, who the hell are you trying to kid? I know you want to put out raw talent that keeps it real, but I think you better go back and bring back some of your old members from the original "Making The Band".

I am sorry but I really do not see any talent in this girl, maybe clean up the hair and make-up a little bit she may be somewhat attractive. But I really do not think after this interview she will ever get any positive advertisment from Doug's show ever again. And just looking at the fall out from this interview, a lot of her fans are beginning to see her in a different light.

I had to put this out there, I'd rather listen to Britney Spears all day. Damn, I really must dislike Keyshia!

Anyone else hear the interview and what do you think of it?

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Man... I heard that interview and wanted to jump through the radio and twist that chick's head off! How much of an idiot can a person be?

Dee Dee (who I think is fine as hell!) showed a lot of restraint when asking her those questions. Even Rudy Rush was trying to explain to Keshia that they were just trying to get a feel about who she was by asking those questions. Keyshia just kept saying stupid stuff like: "Well, my show is different. I don't know what nobody else did on they shows. I just know what I did." And said it in the most hateful voice.

During the interview, I was wondering why Doug Banks wasn't saying anything. He later said that he doesn't like Keyshia Cole and wouldn't do the interview.

I don't know anything about Keyshia Cole and I've only heard that weird song where she's barking about "Love..." (or whatever she's saying)... a few times. She doesn't seem to have a great voice and her personality is WAY gone.

Sista girl needs to think about another career. Hate to ridicule a sista, but damn!
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Damh Keyshia...get a publicist and some humility girl. Sheesh.
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