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Reading Fiction
I always hear people commenting about black men, or black people, not reading a lot. To be honest, the only things I read are articles and other information on the internet. I never sit and read a book for hours on end.

I guess my issue is: I don't consider reading fiction as true, "reading". I think that when we talk about the need to read in order to better develop ones vocabulary, knowledge, etc., I tie that into positive reading. Like educational readings, or informative stuff.

Sex, lies, and who's talking about who, is all you get in fiction these days. What does anyone learn from that?
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Reading fiction
Sex, lies, and who's talking about who doesn't encompass the entire genre of fiction. I just got done reading Omar Tyree's "What They Want." Yes, it had alot of those characteristics you mentioned, but that wasn't what it was about! LOL! It was an awsome read from a Black Man, telling a brotha's story of going from a playa, to maturity. I recommend it to ALL sistas! LOL! I've learned sooooooooooo much from reading alot of these ficticious stories, and that's all good. I went to college, read a bunch of non-fiction, wrote a bunch of papers, even my Master's thesis. But I've always been an avid reader of fiction. To each her own, I guess.

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Forum Start > Books & Movies > What Are You Reading? > Reading Fiction

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