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World Cup Aftermath: Limited Opportunites Hurt Our Youth
I wanted to write a response to the article about limited opportunities in "minor sports" for our inner city youth -- especially soccer, in the aftermath of the recent World Cup.

Ironically, a part of the problem was underscored when I looked for a forum to discuss this issue, and only found headings for BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, AND FOOTBALL in this forum.

How can we get our children, and their parents, interested in other sports when we don't even provide any visibility in our media platforms? Even with the increase in popularity of the World Cup, the headlines didn't make it to the front pages of the sports section, or the evening news highlights, after the American team was eliminated. So, without visibility, our children don't get to see the game played at the highest level, nor do they appreciate the skill and effort that result in a 0-0 draw at the end of 90 minutes of play.

Someway or somehow we need to provide more opportunities for our urban youth to expand their athletic gifts to soccer, wrestling, baseball, tennis or golf.

Soccer attracts athletes with different makeups than 7 foot tall basketball players, or 220 pound running backs. The only expense involved is one ball for every 22 participants. Many of the world's greatest soccer players learned to play barefoot. This game cannot be compared to the "rich country club sports like golf and tennis," but could go a long way toward getting inner city youth off the streets, and include many of those who are selling drugs on the sidelines during football and basketball games -- those not big enough or strong enough to play.

Soccer is a true team sport that requires more heart and teamwork than superstar skill. One superstar cannot make a soccer team successful. Only dedicated team play that gets the ball in position for the "superstars" to take their chances.

We have a long way to go to appreciate this game, but perhaps our African and Caribbean brothers can help. They grew up in poor circumstances where this game was played everyday. It's not the "suburban soccer moms" that will bring this game to our youth. Maybe we are looking in all the wrong places to try to bring focus to this game in the inner cities.

Roger Madison Jr.
iZania, LLC
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I think all sporting activities should be more visible to children, and not just for superstardom purposes.

My mother and father got us into sports because it helped build character and provided a way for us to learn about teamwork. Kids these days just want to be the next Michael Jordan, signing shoe contracts and making millions. This is evident in the how our athletes are using steriods and other drugs to boost their performances.

I think the sports system in this country could use a overhaul.
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I wouldnt say thats part of the problem. We was brought up playing football and basketball. If we had been playing soccer it would be the most popular sport.
Willie C. In The NYC
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I have to admit, I've only played soccer a few times... in elementary school.

However, I don't understand the hoopla about Americans not playing soccer. It's just not a sport that we've grown to love like the others. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

The Canadians play more hockey than any other sport. The Swedes and the Swiss do more skiing than anything else. And the rest of Europe is heavy into soccer. Yes.. it's a "world" game, but this is a big country with a lot of options and three big sports takes up most of the kids time.

I'm not knocking soccer because I do believe that the article holds some merit. But I think we have to get out of that mindset that we must do what everybody else is doing. If basketball, football, and baseball is our thing, then so be it. Why is that so bad?
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