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Location: Texas
Registered: 1/16/2006    Warnings: 0
Site Down
Dang, my brotha! Yall must have been down for the count there. I tried to access the site this weekend and got nada.

Good to see you guys are back up.
9/18/2006 14:13 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
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Didn't notice it was down. But I have been out of the loop for a few days.

Seems to be functional well now though.
9/21/2006 10:43 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
Mybrotha Forums Administrator


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Good eye, VickanS!

Yes... the entire Mybrotha.COM site was experiencing technical difficulties that day. As a result of some much needed data reorganizing, the site is back up and functional.

In fact -- speed, reliability, and scalability have been increased to allow for an enormous growth in traffic.

Be assured that we will continue to provide the best environment for our readers.

Happy Posting!!
9/28/2006 20:28 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
Forum Start > Science & Technology > Computers and The Internet > Site Down

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