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I really don't hold men totally responsible for any of what goes on today. Sure, there are some disrespectful brothas out there who aren't living and walking by Faith, but they're not sleeping with themselves. There are some sistas out there giving it up.

I cannot understand how a grown man hasn't gotten over that part of his life.
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The thing that I do not understand is a woman that has the rep of getting around <wink, wink>, then all of a sudden she wants to play the role of an angel???

If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more. - Harriet Tubman
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There needs to be a health fair in the black communities of every major city talking about the NEW variation of STD's. Hepatitis for one. Most of us don't even know how serious this one is. I bet, when this is done with graphics showing the damage that these can do, then abstinence won't be so hard to do.
Men of Character
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Being Celibate Is WORTH The Wait
I've abstained from sexual activity for a long time, and I'm not talking about a few years and can I tell you it's worth it! With all of the unleashed STD's running rampant, I'm more than glad I decided to not have sex until a COMMITTMENT happens. In this day in age, the "basic" STD's doesn't seem to be much of a concern as in the past, now it's Hepatitis, AIDS and HPV that's on the rise - what's the deal giving 9 year old GIRLS shots?

That's pretty sad to explain to GIRLS that young why they it's in their best interests to have the HPV shot.

Guys are way different than females in this area. Guys will have sex with someone they care absolutely nothing about, WASH UP and have sex with someone else a few hours later and never miss a beat ..... with no emotion from the guy whatsoever. Females on the other hand and like someone else mentioned on this forum, USUALLY crave the romance and affection deal and their minds become twisted when they don't receive those feelings because it's after the fact they realize they were nothing more than a Booty Call.

I've dated recently with no sex involved because I NEEDed to no more about my mate, and after all we weren't EXCLUSIVE. Call me corny, but even if I were in a RELATIONSHIP ..... the affection and romance would defintely be happening, but actual penetration would be off limits until BOTH of us were tested for VARIOUS diseases regardless of how many condoms he may have = I VALUE MY LIFE!

People don't take the time nowadays to validate UNCERTAINTIES as much as they possibly can, you don't know who your mate had sex with in the past, if he's gay or what STD's or communicable diseases he may have or still has.

I work with a 40 something year old female who's 'been with' the same guy almost 9 years, she doesn't have a friendship or engagement ring and shes always bickering why he won't give her a key to his place. She brags about how she stole him from someone else in the beginning of their A$$ociation and how they were in an OPEN relationship over the years which allowed them to have sex with anyone - you know, the confused MAN SHARING thing? Last year, she had the audicity and gave him an ultimatum to marry her and what do men do when faced with ultimatums - HE CHOSE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHE WANTED, so she looks forward to becoming engaged every year on their ANNIVERSAY date they met in the club. Where's the RESPECT in that connection? As an outsider, I see her as an easy lay and he's enjoying his FREEDOM - why should he commit to her when he can come and go as he pleases and still be his OWN MAN. She wants him to make her an HONEST woman, but I don't belive he sees it that way. The challenge is gone and she doesn't have any bargaining tools, what is there to marry when EVERYTHING has already been done including playing house. He could be in the wind tomorrow and what could she do about it, except cry her head out. Don't men value women who value themselves.

I say abstaining from sex is always worth it until you know what and who you're dealing with, and I wish women would learn to maintain their DIGNITY and realize their self worth BEFORE letting some guy sexually jack them up.

Being celibate has vastly improved my RELATIONSHIP with God, not having this distraction with headaches is absolutely WONDERFUL ..... I have PEACE not having to run to the doctors office worrying if I've contracted this or that!

We Still Have Ourselves To Deal With At The End Of The Day.
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Forum Start > Relationships > Sex And Intimacy > Abstinence
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