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Have you ever stood a women up for a date?
If so, why?
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i have stood up women at emergency came up, a problem or i just didnt think she was worth it...last year i was dating a lady and she wanted to visit my place..and i had to pick her up and cook...but that night, my ex who i havent heard from in 6 months called..offered a cooked meal and an overnight stay...cant say no to that...

no regrets on that one...:^)
till all are one...
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I stood MANY Sisters up, not that i'm proud of, but sort of game they\ sistas like to play.
Sometimes the eager i am of woman the more likely she will get stood up, I'd rather apoligize later.It creates an anticipation of some sort.
Some have gotten upset, for most part it worked out well.
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I've never "stood" a sister up. Never. I've rescheduled for later, but never just not showed up. That sort of behavior cuts into character issues for me. Sort of like not standing on your word, which is everything to me. Hope I didn't offend any brother that did, but I'm just being honest.

Now as to being stood up? YUP!!
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Naw, although after a few BAD blind dates, I damn sure wished that I had.

I just don't do that - if I ain't coming, Imma letcha know.

And that shit can only go down with me once. Any woman who stands me up, need not ever contact me again.

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With my work schedule, I am guilty, can't even plead the 5th, lol! But there has been times that if I really wasn't feeling a woman the same way that she was interested in me, I would make up something. This is so that I wouldn't hurt her feelings or create an awkward moment.

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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Men's Room > Have you ever stood a women up for a date?

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