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What would you like to say to women that judge the size of a mans penis?
Or does it matter to men?
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Hell yeah

I'm saying just lie to me! LOL

Tell me it's the biggest thing you've ever seen. Sometimes you gotta tell those white lies.
Wherever you go...there you are.
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I'm saying just lie to me!

I would rather hear the truth. If its too small for you, you ain't gotta be with me sista girl!

So what would I say?

"Um... why do your (breasts, hair, stomach, feet) look like that?"
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Why are you blaming him for something he has no control over? I always laugh when I hear women dog men out in this Like a mofo would choose to have a small Trust, every man would be standing in the big stick line if he had a "choice"

It even the ridicule, but the silly indignation that comes with it too often. Like, uh what? Also the biggest lie out there is that men have this unfounded insecurity and it doesn't matter.
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ATTENTION: THIS IS COMING FROM A WOMEN! Women would not be so quick to dog you for the size if all other skills were on point.Size is not everything! Good sex is like a cake.There are lots of mandatory ingredients for a good cake.If you leave any of them out,you have a bad cake. Foreplay,romance,kissing, oral skills,touching and endurance are all equally important.A woman is very much likely to look past a not-so -big penis if everything else is good.A big heart,a big sense of humor and a big wallet will also help to compensate.Now before you all get offended and defensive,realize that you all judge women the same way.Home many times have you heard a man say that he will take a not-so-pretty woman if her body is banging?Lots of men will take a fat women if she is light skinned with "good hair"and "pretty eyes"(a lot of you put those traits on a pedastal).I am saying all of this to say that women like to be satisfied.You can't change your penis size,but you can learn to improve your sexual skills.If she sees stars and feels the earth move BEFORE you penetrate her, the pressure to pull out an anaconda is lighter because she is already VERY happy!

Everyone is entitled to My opinion!

Magic Wanda
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sex isnt everything
we all are sexual beings but we have minds attached to our organs...we develop specific tastes and grow to them...but the mind has to be stimulated first...or else sex is meaningless.

i have never heard a woman say they like the penis first....they like a mans wit, charm and personality. that brings them to trust men with their sexual taste and you two match, its lovely.

If a woman just looks at a penis first, then look at the woman...they are not looking for love..just physical satisfaction.

My lover told me that she has better sizes, but its the love that we share that makes her scream for me...and i for her...nice to know...:^)
till all are one...
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I'd say that most women are more in to the man attached to the penis. Its probably more of an issue FOR US than it is FOR THEM. REmember, we're different creatures. Men are more physically stimulated and women are more emotionally and intimately [not physically] stimulated and most of them will probably overlook a size that may not be what they would desire.

If a woman I was with was really hung up on that, we wouldn't be together much longer; either I'd be sending her packing....or she'd already be boning somebody who IS packing. *LOL*
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I don't bother with this size stuff, if a woman thinks that my package is either small or large that's her problem. But then again, I tend to make sure that I stimulate all of her senses. Afterwards, it don't matter what size it was, she is too drained sexually to even think about it, lol!

If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more. - Harriet Tubman
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Judging a man by this would be shallow its the attraction to the sex appeal of itelligence.witt,and heart. I have a fondness for black men who are all of these things. Penis size is not and issue for me.
Strawberry Blnde
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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Men's Room > What would you like to say to women that judge the size of a mans penis?

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