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I work in a predominantly White trade (I'm a union carpenter in New York City), and working with mostly White guys can be challenging sometimes. I was wondering what experiences - good or bad - other folks have had working with White people?
Gregory A. Butler
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I understand your question but Ive learned that no matter where you go, you will have to interact with white people and other races. Personally I dont have a problem with people of other races unless they got a problem with me! Then I have a problem.

But I have worked around white people who did not care to be around blacks. I was getting paid more than them so I didnt care!
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It doesn't matter to me. For one, I have met some really cool white people over time and met some really ignorant ones too. Sometimes my white co-workers try to make me look inferior with their knowledge about our job functions, I just look at it as their way of kissing butt. Then I set them back on their heels when I show them my knowledge, makes them look stupid. This is only a couple of white people here at my job that acts like that, but I always put them in check very tactfully. For the most part, the rest of the white co-workers are alright to work with.

If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more. - Harriet Tubman
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honestly, I'm really not a fan of white people in general, but if it's my livelihood, I'd be willing to put my personal views aside. But after quitting time...don't talk to me, cracka.
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The only difficulty I have found is when Whites are not culturally aware of other races. Some of them live in a bubble in which they think their life is the only. No one else matters. The interesting thing is when something happens to them, they cry that life isn't fair and blame others. They should really look in the mirror for their own misery.

All others are fine. just the ignorant who bring their ignorance to the job are the problem....
till all are one...
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Forum Start > Jobs, Careers, & Business > Office Politics > HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT WORKING WITH WHITE FOLKS

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