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Yes, it is true that longterm relationships and marriages need unplanned,heated excitment in the bedroom. However being born in an era where oral sex was not as popular and casual as it is today, I don't think that it is appropriate for any and all causal/sexual relationships. It is disappointing that some men and alot that I have come across make it a MANDATORY thing. They could be passing up on the paragon wife of thier dreams. So it's like a women can cook, beautiful, zealous, educated, responsible, but she doesn't give oral sex... you are out the door. Or a women can give oral sex, have had multiple partners and, give oral sex are a winner! It's seems to me that some men contradict themselves. You can become an expert in oral sex, but can you turn a promicusious chick into a house wife? What would most men perfer?
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I think when it comes down to oral a woman has to say If I don't give is it fair that I recieve??? Smart men who really care about you and really drive for you care about how you feel and sexually if you achieve your orgasm? I am niot saying that its right to expect but if you are in a serious relationship there are things that are expected. Its just how life is.
Learn From Life.
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Forum Start > Relationships > Dating > Oral Sex
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