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Hostages In Iraq
Hey! This forum area just popped up. Good thing, cuz I wanted to say something about this Jill Carrol person that is being held hostage in Iraq. I hope this does not sound mean, but...

Two things:

1) Have any female hostages been killed in Iraq?

It seems that only men have been killed. Wish no one was getting killed, but it is good to at least see the world still respects women enough to delay it this long, or to not kill her at all.

2) Has anyone noticed that none of the hostages over the past few years have been black?

Unless I missed something in the news, I don't remember seeing a black hostage and I know insugents have taken a lot of hostages. For one, there probably are not a lot of black people (outside of the military) over there just running the streets!
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Oh they know...the only way to piss off America is to kill whites. Sorry that sounds really racist but reality is America does indeed focus on particular people and their plights and these people that get coverage are almost invariably white.


Jessica Lynch
Natalee Holloway
Amy Smart

Killing a black would really do nothing for their cause. In a way I'm damn glad about that. I don't want my head sawed off. I think they'll let the woman go eventually but who knows. I think had she been a man she'd be dead already.
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I don't know if any female hostages have been killed, but I can see your point. The world (except for some crazy nations) tend to frown upon brutal killings of women. So I'm thinking that had at least came into their minds.

But yes... I think Hmurchison hit the nail on the head in reference to Blacks. Since the Arab world knows that people of color (including themselves) are considered a minority in the US, they probably don't have any cause to murder Blacks. Now... when they're doing those suicide bombings, they don't care. If it's a military man or woman, black or white.... they just set it off and "boom".

But to deliberately go and kidnap a black person? Haven't seen that happen yet.
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > News Headlines & Stories > Hostages In Iraq

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