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Why are we as black men still so jealous of one another?
It amazes me how black men continue treat one another. The lack of respect for one another is disappointing from the disputes that have killed rappers, assaults on celebrities, drive by's, car jacking's, gang violence to how black men continue to whisper negatives about each other and put them down. But the worst is the brothers that spew negatives to women just so they can get over or to keep another man from establishing a meaningful relationship.
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this is so true...i have experienced a bit of jealousy from men. A good example is when i go out and socialize with women who i know that are associates....Men who approach them get turned away, and then they watch me as i talk to them and laugh and joke with them...the men want to make a scene and then the women cuts them down...

When jealousy shows up, it just shows your insecurity...and many men who do not have what they want don't want to face that. I find that the men who are jealous and who are petty have:

1. nothing to offer in a relationship
2. irresponsible
3. made bad choices in life
4. Thinking that theyre life is bad when someone else looks easy

and the biggest problem

5. wanting to be someone based on what you have and not look into yourself....

The men who are jealous, i say either step up with your stuff or just move on...the responsible men have a life to live.
till all are one...
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Your comments are interesting in that I've had the very same experience under the same circumstances. When out with women that are associates of just long time friends men approach them without knowing what our relationship is. They will step right in front of you or wedge themselves between you and her and start talking to her and when they are rebuffed they want to get ugly.

Not only is it disrespectful to the woman. It completely turns her off. It's also disrespectful to the guy she is out with whether it's just a friend, husband or someone they are in a relationship with. The women will often say to the guy "don't you see I'm with someone". But it doesn't matter.

I also agree with your points and would add that what men don't seem to realize is that doing all of this doesn't make them a man. If you want to be a better man--simply be a better person.

Half the time we won't even speak to one another. We put more time in with our buddies or "home-boys" and still take this immature fraternal approach towards those outside our little clique.

Jealousy simply shows a lack of character and diminishes yourself in the eyes of those around you.
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I believe that black men practice intimidation, disrespect and manipulation because many black men really don't have and haven't had much of a positive outlook on life. We seem to be the most abused, neglected, oppressed group of people in this country. No positive male role models at home, highest victims of racist practices, poorest health and most associations with negative images, labels and statements from EVERYONE: Black men, black women, whites, asians, hispanics etc.

So! Do you still want to focus on the negative believing that TIME should of changed most things wrong with us brothers. Or do you want to open up to the Truth and believe that most of us would not be this way if it was not for consistent disunity, untreated trauma from massive and directed terrorism, exploitative churches and post-modern black slavery of our prisons.
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They just posted a article about men and jealousy: Black Men's Jealousy
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