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My penis when erected is somehow curved
My penis when erected is somehow curved, tilted, hooked and shaped sideways and having a problem during when making love with my girlfriend, what should I do?
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If your penis is curved, tilted, hooked, bend or arc during erection then you may have Peyronie's genital disease deformity. May be a good idea to see a doctor especially, if you have painful erections and problems with intercourse. Since the cause of the disease deformity and its development are not well understood, doctors treat the disease
Deformity empirically; that is, they prescribe and continue a method that seem to help and is the best for you. The goal of therapy is to keep the Peyronie's patient sexually active.
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A curved penis is not a great problem, the real issue is in your mind so be more self confident and don't give up.

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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Men's Room > My penis when erected is somehow curved

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