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Advice needed
So lately I've been keeping company with this sister that goes to my university. She's pretty much the textbook definition of the woman I would be compatible with. But she has a boyfriend and I respect that so we are both friends. But here is where I'm confused. When we chill together either over at her apartment or my place she makes these gestures that I don't expect from a woman in a relationship. For example:

1. She'll always lay her head on my shoulders when we're sitting next to each other.
2. She runs her fingers through my hair a lot.
3. Whenever we're on the couch she'll always put her legs up in my lap

Now I have great respect for relationships and would never even consider trying anything with a taken woman, and as of now we haven't done anything over the line (Sex, kissing) and she hasn't hinted at disliking her current man. Quite the contrary. She seems perfectly happy in her relationship. A lot of the times she tells me how she can't wait until her man comes to town to visit her. But at the same time, I know as a man that I would be quick to kick ass and take names if my gf was putting her head on another straight dude's shoulder. Anybody care to analyze this situation? Am I reading too much into things? Because this is a great friendship and while yes, I have fallen for her, I am able to supress those feelings when a woman is taken.
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I think you need to confront her and let her know about the thoughts you are having. Man women are motivated to do thing from under the table. Check,Check she might be doing those things to keep you from being interested in another women. She might sense you desire her and she likes that and she is willing to keep you in that status. Just try telling her about a ficticious girl you are checking out and watch what happens. Do this suttle and don't make your self so available to her.

I hope this helps.
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Women at times can get their minds and their hearts mixed. They can say they want a friendship but their looks and body language can give more away than they realize. I agree with tfreedom about confronting her. I also would make her aware of anything she does in the future to you. Sometimes one conversation isn't enough.
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