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Don't know what to do
I've been in a realationship for a 1yr and a half, he's younger then me. I'm 41 and and I have my own house (thats paid for thank God). I have 2 daughters one going to college next yr and 1 that's 10.

I have always told him that I have his back and he knows it but he plys this crazy ass game where he doesn't answer his phone or text messages. and I can't stand that.

So now i'm doing back to him, but I had to stop calling him because I was finding myself getting hurt in this. Because of the way that I feel about him.

We use to go places in now thats limited, n other things we use to do now we dont and im just over it. So now I want him to wonder what i'm doing.

I don't know what to do but I love him so much.
shh love
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You didnt tell how old he is....that does play into this..but here are some things to do...

First, NEVER get back at a person doing the thing that hurts you...youre stooping down to his level with the calls and texts, youre the mature one....

Second, Confrontation is best...tell him that this is not what you want in a relationship....

Third, you HAVE to consider your have kids that are looking at this...and they will see how it affects you and your relationship with them...if this guy is not part of the future, LET HIM GO!

Love is one thing, your happiness is more.....
till all are one...
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Forum Start > Relationships > Dating > Don't know what to do

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