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So you call yourself a man
Megga props to Bishop Jakes, for his pieces on "So you call yourself a man" and "Hemotions". So, no wait, I'm really confused here. Since Bishop has been writing and preaching like this for so long, why are so many of us still walking around as though we still have the slave minds? Ok, so I understand, most of my brotha's aren't discipline enough to read, but the Mega Fest is generally packed. And The Promise Keepers book, "The Seven Promises of Being a Man". Please somebody tell me, with these events and books for men, why aren't we able to lead our households?
Men of Character
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A lot of people will argue that black women are the cause for some of that. It's difficult to talk about it without sounding like you are placing blame. But I kind of understand that argument.

Women have so much power, confidence, and independence these days.... a lot of brothas don't know where they stand. I'm not saying it's the black woman's fault... I'm just saying I can understand why people think that way. Even a lot of sistas will tell you that women have become so independent, it's confusing the brothas.

But T.D. Jakes has some good info out there for men to latch onto. Just wish more brothas would do it.
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Women indeed have far more power than ever before. It's a bit disturbing though about how they manifest this power with their actions. Power corrupts if you are not careful. I see a lot of abuse of this newfound power in women. Independence is a misnomer...we are all dependent in various ways. Highlighting the fact that you make your own money is merely being independent in one facet of your life. However it's ironic that as we work harder and become independent financially from our mate we become more dependent on working long hours to keep that money rolling in.

Because life almost invariably require balance you can never fully increase your independence without increasing dependence in another area. Men too must learn that being a Man is a balancing act as well and seek to keep a balance that is amiable to his relationship with God and family.

We start at the roots...the foundation with ensuring our own seed grow up to be honorable young men. In order to do that we must walk that path ahead of posterity.
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