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Is your marriage on the rocks?
Brotha's don't go to relationship counseling. I mean not without being at gun point?

I actually sat through the Jimmy and Karen Evans internet service, and learned a few things that I can use one day.

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Looks like a good resource for those who need marriage help. Lucky for me I ain't married and have to deal with that yet!
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Marriage counseling is the first step before going down the asile. Withou it, you're just making a big mistake. With it, you can at least learn what going on with a potential mate. But in my opinion, if God did not put you together, you'll put yourself asunder. Marriage is a convenant, most people don't even know what a covenant is. Better find out first, or just stay single and a virgin.
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I think counseling is likely good for even unmarried couples. At times we men tend to remain quite to keep our relationships non-adversarial and that can lead to the SO believing their are right in areas that perhaps things are a bit more gray. It's nice to have a 3rd party who has been trained and can lend a different point of view that isn't obsfuscated by animus and baggage.
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I think counseling is good for most couples. I would have no problem going to marriage counseling since I tend to be more open than my mate. I think many more men are open these days.
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Forum Start > Relationships > Couples And Marriage > Is your marriage on the rocks?

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