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Teachers are not teaching
That is what you will find when you read books like "Black Students. Middle class teachers" Most teachers are women middle class and do not teach to the right brain student. They then blame the student. Most boys learn with their right brain.
I also feel more concern needs to follow if a child fails.
My site is dedicated to improve education for all. Please visit and share your concerns.

There are many studies to show how we are lacking in education. I am a retired teacher of 30 years and I have witnessed the lack of concern from some teachers. I stayed late and came early and tried extra to help my students read. They became successful. No I see more and more teachers blaming the students. It is a shame.
Ed Riepl
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I think the lack of good teachers is everywhere. Does not seem to be a solution for it. We all say that we need good teachers, but I guess it starts in how we teach the teachers and who we allow to teach.
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I agree VickanS. The solution is holding parents accountable, teachers cannot and should not be expected to do it alone. Part of being a parent is educating your child(ren).

There's no acceptable excuse why our children are starting KG not knowing how to read sight words, recognize, spell, and write their names, know the entire alphabet, etc. What is mom and dad doing? Where's mom and dad when those progress reports are sent home indicating the child is not doing as well as (s)he should and can.
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Forum Start > Books & Movies > What Are You Reading? > Teachers are not teaching

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