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The Immigration Debate in Black and White

Immigration Debate in Black and White

White America seems to be more concerned about the "dilution" of America, which would be initiated by immigrants who may not speak the language, but are free to utilize hospitals, healthcare, schools, and other public services. Even more disturbing for some White Americans are the companies who hire illegal immigrants and avoid paying taxes by hiding their workers, or squeezing through legal loopholes.

The argument in these instances mixes greed with the fact that many White Americans may view Mexican immigrants as second-class citizens, getting by on a free meal ticket. This is further exacerbated when entire families of Mexican migrants sneak across the border, replacing the idea of a single man getting a job in the U.S. and sending money back home to his family.

Black Americans, though likely to identify with the struggles of Mexican immigrants, are mostly concerned about jobs and livelihood. For the already prevalent racial disparities in the U.S. affecting Black men, it seems almost socially selfish to exclaim, "Another group of dark-skinned people are given a negative label by White America, and they're taking jobs from the Blacks."

But these are the types of feelings being expressed in every corner of the country. Since most Mexican immigrants will work for 2-times less, some companies will inevitably allow "green" to do the talking -- whether the person wanting the job is black, yellow, or purple.

I heard a phone call from a woman who lived in a border state. She claimed that Mexicans only represent half of the Illegal Immigrants streaming across the border. Think about that...this isn't a Mexico issue it's a Homeland Security issue.

"Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free..."

On the Statue of Liberty. Does this still remain true? Perhaps but America has put herself into a bind by letting business push through NAFTA which has harmed local business and now you have an influx of workers being manupulated by companies for local labor. Something has to give or wages go down and the middle class struggles. The Rich will always be insulated from this until he US collapses and they scrurry out the country like cockroaches.

My personal belief with immigration is that they should walk the same road I have. Their allegiance should in fact be to America. The shanigans with the Mexican flag being raised over the US flag on our soil is flat out unacceptable. If you want Mexico it's right down there south. I deserve to be amongst other Americans in unity and love for the country.

We simply do not have enough jobs available to maintain the level of workers coming into the country. We all had to learn about US history and laws. Why should anyone foreign get a pass regardless of color?

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Could not have said it better myself. I haven't read the full article yet, but I believe that immigrants should have to be subjected to whatever laws, rules, etc. that all citizens (if they want to be citizens) are subjected to. That hoisting of the Mexican flag onto flagpoles ain't too cute either.

But the woman from the border state is right: I saw a documentary (I think on MSNBC) the other night where they were profiling a half-way jail, or intermediary stop (or whatever) in Arizona where they temperarily housed illegals crossing the border. There were a number of Mexicans, but a lot of brothas from Cameroon, Marshall Islands, and other places were crossing in from Mexico.

I have no problem with people wanting to come to America to get a better life, but I think they should have to follow any and all rules; the companies they work for have to follow any and all rules; and maybe this influx of immigrants will create more jobs (more businesses) instead of decreasing jobs.
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I have to rejection the notion that blacks know anything more about immigration than whites. If you look at history the majority of blacks in America have been here since the early 19th century. In fact the importation of slaves was outlawed in the early 1800's.

Now keep in mind it wasn't until the mid 1800s that large groups of Italians and Irish began to immigrate to the US.

The Spaniards brought across Africans as well in the late 1500's and settle what is now Florida and parts of the west. Blacks have been on the N American continent a long time. Not as long as Mexicans but the point is succinctly this. If you wish to know about how an immigrant feels you're better off asking the 3rd+ generation Irish or Italian or Russian. They've immigrated here far later than blacks.

Wherever you go...there you are.
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > News Headlines & Stories > The Immigration Debate in Black and White

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