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Material in book stores
I visit alot of book stores in my city. Which is a large city with a number of HBCU, and I cant find any books of importance to me. I see all these Zane books and others of its kind and get mad. I feel this country thinks all blacks care about is entertainment. By that I mean they would like us to be that way, I come to this conclusion by seeing things like this. I read books and essays to gain knowledge, not to entertain myself so much. When you go to a book store what is it that you are looking for and what is it that you see?
All about the progress of the Afikan Race
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I wish I knew more resource to learn about African history. At times I feel like our history...our accomplishments and gifts to the world and have disregarded. I know that any culture that has the wherewithall to survive has members that are of extraordinary intelligence. I read many history books now and I have to wonder how much of it is fiction versus non-fiction as history is always written by the victor.

America is overly entertainment focused. It used to be you worked hard hard hard and maybe you had time to be entertained. Now with a cable bill Television becomes the opiate of the masses and critical thinking gives way to sitcoms based puerile humor and unrealistic relationships.

Thank God some of us demand more.
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You won't find a lot of great books in the bookstores pertaining to Blacks. Black women probably have more resources (self-help books, inspirational material), but there isn't a lot for men out there.

Most of the fiction is truly for entertainment and unfortunately, that's what a lot of folks look for.

But if you're in a city with some HBCU's, you should have access to their libraries. Most HBCU's I know about have libraries with some good historical information...(Tuskegee, Howard, etc.)
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Black History Book
I just read a book about what is was like growing up black in a small town named "Greenville, Texas." I could not imagine growing up during the 20's to the 60's. The message I recieved was, "It does not matter where you started, what matters is where you end up!" You can get the book on the internet at, "The Blackest Land, The Whitest People," by Brenda Huey.
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