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Whites Protest at African Name Changes
Whites protest at African name changes
Rory Carroll in Johannesburg
Friday July 28, 2006
The Guardian

White South Africans marched in protest yesterday against an attempt
to rename their town to make it sound more black and African, part
of a controversial nation-wide campaign to change placenames.
Dozens of white residents in Lydenburg - and one black person -
rallied to keep the name given to the town by Dutch settlers in the
19th century. The black mayor, Clara Ndlovu, recently announced that
it would change to Mashishing, the name of a nearby black township
which means "wind blowing through the grass".

Whites Protest at African Name Changes: Full Article

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Considering the shameful history of the Dutch occupation and discrimination, a name change isn't asking much. Maybe someone should suggest this as a concession in the spirit of the non-retribution from the many aggrieved victims of apartheid. The fact that Mandela and his fellow leaders called for no retribution should never go unappreciated by any white South African.
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > News Headlines & Stories > Whites Protest at African Name Changes

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