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The Boondocks 101
posted by: Urban Celebrity

If you’re going to be Black for the rest of your life–you might want to sit down and spend a few moments taking in Aaron Macgruder’s genius. Season One of his animated series, The Boondocks, was released Tuesday and it’s highly addictive.

The Boondocks is the epitome of humor, sarcasm, and realism, but at the same time, it does an excellent job of making you think about African-American culture, specifically the little things that make you go "WTF?".

Some people might say that Macgruder's portrayal of African-Americans is somewhat negative. I couldn't disagree more. History has taught us that television shows can’t speak for an entire race of people, maybe some, but certainly not all.

Take the Cosby Show for instance; every African-American household isn’t run with order and warmth under the loving care of a father (who is a doctor) and a mother (who is an attorney). The same can be said for The Boondocks, which, despite its critics, does an excellent job of highlighting some hot-button issues within our community.

One of the best episodes is "The Return of the King". It is so
hit-the-nail-on-the-head true, but hysterical at the same time.

"The Return of the King" depicts Dr. Martin Luther King coming out of a 32-year-old long coma and finding himself thrusted into the post 9/11 era; he quickly realizes that his "turn the other cheek" philosophy has taken him from national hero to society outcast.

I asked some of my students to watch "The Return of the King," and while they laughed and thought it was funny, some felt that the episode was a little disheartening after they realized that most of what they saw could indeed take place in this day and age. But that's exactly what makes the Boondocks so effective. It's almost like looking in the mirror and seeing what we as Black folk can, and should do to improve our lives. Not many cartoons will dig that deep into your psyche.

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Forum Start > Entertainment > Music, Television, Videos > The Boondocks 101

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