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top 5 pointers for a successful date
Here are five important tips to achieve a successful date I would like to share:

Pointer #1 - Avoid dating occasionally.

This result to what we call "dating fatigue". Dating is an continuous activity (until you find that perfect match) and so recharging your energies, building self-confidence and maintaining optimism levels high must be practiced. I advise that you schedule your date in time frames to regain your renewed vigor if necessary.

Pointer #2 - ENJOY your date as much as possible

Always strive to enjoy dating activities even if it shows signs of not being compatible with your date. Remember, this is one aspect of socializing and grab the opportunity by spending time in the company of new acquaintances who may or may not bring you a sparkle. The truth is, most people are interesting in a way and this may be the chance to look for new friends!

Pointer #3 - Never divulge your entire being on a first date.

Basically, we tend to be more interested with individuals who are mysterious and the thrill of the chase when dating. Therefore, if you are looking for a more serious relationship, sex is out of the agenda in a first date. As your date progress and the person starts to fall for you within a reasonable time, then there is a higher percentage that real love may bloom.

Pointer #4 - Do join a quality Internet dating community

Expand your network. Join quality dating sites wherein upon registration, the site gets extensive of not just your personal preferences but with the preferences you wanted from your ideal partner. Beware of dating sites that shows a lot of gorgeous girls but after joining you find that these are just dummy members. One of the dating sites that have caught my attention was this one: The Singles Network. It gives you the option to choose any US state preference you plan to build your dating network. For those who wanted to go across the globe, there are dating domains from that site to choose from. But before looking for a foreign date, I advise you to study a brief culture background. Most of these relationships go down the drain due to culture incompatibility.

Pointer #5 –Expand your dating network and practice socializing skills

Once you have set your network, take time and check your mail occasionally. Even if you never dated online, it is a start to boost your confidence and spirits, allowing you to practice your opening lines and conversation skills. Internet dating is really fun, adventurous and secure. It introduces you to the world of dating safely and gently.

If you need more tips or advise please respond on this thread and I will try to help you with the best of my knowledge.


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Okay. I have to say something about Pointer #3 - Never divulge your entire being on a first date.

I believe this mindset is what gets most young people in trouble. Women especially (Yes, I've been guilty of it) like to fantasize and often do not ask the most appropriate questions in the beginning of a "potential relationship". I'm not saying you should reveal your inner most secrets, but you should be up front about your personality, your situation, and so on.

After a few dates, I think personal questions are fair game. I've learned that it is better to hear about his personals now, than later.
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its a date...not the potential for marriage...too many people have the mindset of finding the potential man or woman in a first date....when its the other dates after that makes the difference...if a person does worry, then they have given their hearts out too soon (been there, done that) and feel awful about it in the end...enjoy yourself first so even if the date is not great, you are not lost...just having lots of options...:^)
till all are one...
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I see sarina22's point, but I also see yours (thedrknghtno1). A lot of people at certain ages aren't out just for fun anymore. They are looking specifically for people to date and get close to. I think this is why 'speed-dating' has become so popular.

You can go out and have fun with your sista-friends or guy-friends, but when it is about the future, you want to know where the other person is coming from.
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Perhaps not placing unrealistic expectations on each other (outside of the basics like respect, truthfulness....and clean underwear!). Seriously, just go out to have fun and enjoy yourselves (point #2). If things progress from there then great, if not...well at least you had a good time.
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