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What Black Men Think
I thought about putting this in the Men's Room area, but I think it is more related to the community than just men.

This is VERY interesting to me. Mybrotha has posted a video and link to a documentary that Janks Morton is doing.

The article on this site says exactly what I have thought for a long time. How can "most" or all black men be in negative stats? It seems like somebody is always telling us we are in the wrong. I know too many brothas who are hardworking men for some of that numbers we receive to be true. I know a lot of people will probably say how does mybrotha or the guys at "what black men think" know if the statistics are true. Well, I looked up the one about prison (took me a while to find it) and the numbers are on target with the article and movie trailer.

I know Im rambling but this is something ive thought about for years and its cool to finally read something that we all need to think about.
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I just checked out the video. Seems all real to me. I never believe stats from the news or what most people say anyway. Better to look it up myself
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Very interesting indeed. Although I can't say I've researched all statistics, I've also had doubts about the validity of information being fed to us.

I sometimes think many Black people feed off of drama. Almost as if we would rather have negatives to complain about, than to actually look at the positives. Some folks seem to believe that every part of the "system" is against us, when we actually widen the gap between ourselves and those things we desire by conforming to the statistics.
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I live in Oakland or on the outskirts of Oakland and I have to comment on the violent crime that we are having in the area we are currently over the 100 mark for murders in a city of 400,000 the economy here is terrible however the drug trade is extremely high the police can not seem to catch the killers looming in the dark riding around looking for the next victim, Bringing in the rdianAngelsdidnothing for the situations we are looking for ways to bring the family back together put the fathers back in the home and back in control f our kids too many broken homes and dreams kids looking for love from the gangs and we are condonning the situations by purchaseing crack from ourids or moms prostituting with the daughters it has to stop and we have to step up talk to our kids and family and get our lives back on track.
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It's good that they made that clip. Hopefully it gets passed around and is seen by many people.

Knowing the truth makes a HUGE difference because the lies/misconceptions (ie: the DL & HIV issue) really has negatively affected the way black men/women relate to one another.

Thanks for sharing!!

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