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Let's talk about the Male midlife crisis
A lot of us start to bald in our young 30's. Then some of us loose your sexual desire in our 40's, don't want to be around children in our 40's, some either want to do nothing but work overtime to make up for what we didn't accomplish in our 30's, then others just want to travel and play, or so I read. I wonder how much of this is true. I'd like to hear from some of you. For me, I just want quiet times in the yard and enjoy being married with kids.
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I just want to be left alone most days! Sound bad but I think a lot of men think this way. Men want something to eat, something good to watch on tv, maybe some sex every now and then and to be lazy the rest of the time. We dont feel like dressing up and going out or visiting our wifes family for a 4th of july party. Like a lot of men past 30, my hair is starting to thin and sexual 'function' doesn't always work like it did when I was 21!!!
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At 41 I find myself not wanting sex as much as I used to.......Something my girlfriend doesn't like too much.......It's not that I don't love her and lust for her.....I just find myself thinking about other things such as money(or lack of), politics, etc.......

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as a person who is reaching the 40's....two years to go...i remember a friend who was concerned about my future and my need to settle down from fun and moving saying "youre not as young as you used to be"

the thing that gets me is it time to should be comfortable but staying with things the way they isnt like that...i have to keep looking for exciting things...i would to like to leave this earth saying "i did my best and what was best" and doesnt mean settle...

no fun in that...:^)
till all are one...
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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Ladies Room > Let's talk about the Male midlife crisis

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