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The divorce rate is the lowest its been since the 1970....and thats a good thing...You would think, Thats wonderful...couples our working at keeping the family together....But the true reason is more couples our choosing to live together rather then marry. I have three question.

1 Brothers what makes you not asking a woman you can live with pay bills with and make long term investment, children together and all the things couple do together but, You will not ask for her hand in marriage.

2 Sista, How long would you live with a mate before you say to yourself okay ! baby its time to make that move....We have all this invested in each other but now we need to make it official...

3 Are our you willing to live together before marriage why and why not ?

Just courious.....
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1. That's called a "sorry" brotha.

2. Since Im not a woman, I couldnt answer. But I will say that I wish women wouldnt allow themself to be put in this position. It makes them look bad and encourages men to behave bad.

3. Yes I think that is okay. There is no better way to get to know somebody.
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1. Whoever these brothers are, they should be ashamed of themselves.

2. I've often questioned the "shacking up" idea. I did it when I was younger, but wouldn't do it again unless I was engaged to be married. Even if I was engaged and living together, a marriage needs to take place rather quickly.

3. Only if in a committed relationship. None of that college-life, shacking up stuff.
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Rate are at thier lowest due to alot of reasons. 1. Most becuae people are seeking higher education, which means professions are started later like in the mid 20's. 2.Trust is becoming such a huge issue that people are scared, and 3. the Family tradition itself is slacking off. People don't value the traditionsl family lifestyle, you have homosexuality on the rise, and therefore alot of thing are being accepted now than ever before. 4. People perfer to co-habitate before they marry someone.

1. Yes indeed you either have a user, or someone who just don't know how to do things and is scared. Uneducated men.

2. Hopefully the man would ask. "He who finds a wife finds a good thing". She's probably waitng on him!

3. Personally I have been trying to get a better realtionship with GOD, so no, i will not co-habitate. Been there done that. No worth the headache.
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Nope didn't because it causes to much tempation and that is like put the horse before the cart. I wanted to do it right this time. I wanted the blessings of God to flow upon both of us.
Without love there is nothing....
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i strongly agree with your opinion dear fellah...
marriage should take place in every live-in is for a woman to know how much this man value the woman and how committed a man is with his relationship to the woman..
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The reason divorce went up is because people found out the person they married is not the person they were with for years. They find little things like home keeping skills are not up to par or there at all. The girl you dated you find can't cook and she was doing the fake and bake.
Relationships aren't what they use to be cause people aren't raised the way they used to be. Men aren't raised the way we used to and alot is let up to images of what we see.
Learn From Life.
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Change is a constant event and a couple is going to feel changes, good or bad. In order for a relationship to become stronger they must change in ways that are acceptable to each partner or they a doomed for destruction.
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