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Religions and Denominations
You know... a lot of folks dont realize that these are two separate things! Most folks in America call themselves Christians, and I guess the next biggest religion is Islam and Judaism.

But a lot of people say, "Im Catholic or Baptist" and call it a, 'religion'. These are denominations of Christianity.

Do you follow a certain denomination, or do you believe that denomination or Chritianity itself has caused problems for us and the world?
Willie C. In The NYC
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Christian of the Baptist denomination.

Perhaps we should start requiring Theology classes for school

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I am a Christian woman and when someone asks me about my religion thats exactly what I say, Christian. Chrsitanity is extremly broad. Those who claim a religious sect/ Denomination as their religion are rarely those who live sacraficing self, but are on the contrary those who practice customs of tradition. Practice of tradition doesn't establish relationship.
Kudos on theology class for school but where was the church when prayer was removed. Political Envolvment is one thing that the pure untanted church lacks.
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Ill Will
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While I agree with you, I think the bigger thing people get confused is religion and spirituality. I think religion is more "tradition" where as spirituality is more on your relationship with Christ (if you're a Christian)
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Theology ain't what we need. Theology is why we're fighing wars. Theology is why we have different religions. Theology is why we have different denominations. Theology, the study of God or religion and interpretation. People can debate and argue theology until the cows come home. Cain killed Abel over a difference in theology and people all over the world are willing to kill for their beliefs. Have you ever talked to anyone about religion or as some mental midgets want to call it spirituality. Whether it is called religion or spirituality, it still boils down to one's belief and one is still talking about the trinity of God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So if one wants to call themselves spiritual is making a mountain out of a mole hill. What difference what we call a rose, it's still a rose. Back to the question, have you ever talked to anyone about religion or spirituality? Everyone has their opinion and don't know the difference between prophet and profit. Running from scripture to scripture simply to counter someone's point. Running all over the Bible to contradict a point. If I say up, someone else will say above. If I say down, someone will say beneath. If I say the sun shines someone will say the sun glows just to be a pain in the neck.

The answer isn't in theology because, two people belonging to the same church won't agree on everything. The answer is DOXOLOGY. We can argue theology all day but, no one can argue with doxology. Giving God praise is DOXOLOGY. Whether it's all praise to Allah, Praise God from whom all blessings flow or Saloam. If the world stop trying to interpret the word, stop trying to impress people with how much we know and just give God the praise.
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