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Is Jawn Murray dating Omarasa
Is Jawn Murray dating Omarasa

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2008-04-05 .

Everyone knows Omarasa from The Apprentice and other reality tv shows. Recently, Omarasa was spotted at a Stars'channel event. While leaving the event, Street Roach Pics was able to get a picture of her cuddled up with Jawn Murray. Murray is the gossip guru on The Joyner Morning Show and writer for Although Murray website was down due to alleged back payments, he is back and, his website is out there somewhere.

At first, the couple did not want to take a photo. After a few words, the couple took a photo and was later seen hanging with Kim Whitley. Street Roach Pics asked the two were they couple and, Murray just laugh while Omarasa yelled out, “ I wish. I was that lucky”.

People are asking one question. Is Omarasas just a sometime chick for Jawn Murray or will the two become an item. Everyone has dump a lot of dudes over the lifetime of her 15 mins of fame. There are pictures of the couple below along with Kim Whitley.

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Forum Start > Entertainment > Celebrity Gossip > Is Jawn Murray dating Omarasa

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