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Wealth and Health Are Connected and Achievable!
Wealth is achievable in the U.S.

Health is achievable in the U.S.

But, why have African-Americans become one of the top risk groups for diabetes, high blood pressure and other systemic health issues; and, why do we suffer physically and emotionally throughout their lives?

And, why are African-Americans in the lower income brackets, and suffer financially throughout their lives?

The answer? The answer is a common link to Wealth and Health.

It is ... acquiring the KNOWLEDGE and using our inner SPIRIT to motivate us to implement the strategies to achieve wealth and optimum health. Ironically we don't eat healthy because "it's expensive", but actually it cost LESS to eat healthy!

Why? Because when we eat healthy, you don't have to spend money for over-the-counter drugs/medications, prescription drugs/medications, doctor visits, surgeries, hospital stays, post-op therapy, etc.

Also, when you eat healthy, the body does not require as much food to produce energy.

And, if you're healthy, you'll be sharper and more productive at work. You will be able to easily out-produce your peers.

How do I know this?

Because my dad suffered physically and financially after he almost died from a diabetic coma. But through the grace of God, he recovered and used his engineering/biochemistry background to wean off the insulin (4 shots a day!) and the other drugs.

But the doctors were not happy. They warned my dad that he was going through a "honeymoon period" and would be back on insulin and the other drugs within 3 months, and would lose both his legs to amputation. Here is a video where he shares that story:

My dad believes that family support is critical to us being able to overcome the racism and other "isms". He told me that he would not have made it without me, his sister and grandma helping him when he almost died and was on disability. Here he is sharing some of that story about grandma, his sister, and me:

God is good! (Amen): Now other people are sharing my dad's story to try to help others who are suffering because they lack the knowledge:

So, if my dad can do it ,so can your dad, or your mother, or your friend. We are more powerful than we realize -- especially when we have the knowledge.

Best of health and wealth to all of you brothas and sistas.

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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > Religion & Spirituality > Wealth and Health Are Connected and Achievable!

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