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2008 Upcoming Election
P R O J E C T : S O A R
Strengthening Our American Right

Community Organizers:

During the Republican National Convention Senator McCain and Vice Presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin once again demonstrated the need for change. Their smear tactics of Senator Barak Obama and mockery of community organizer’s across this country should not be ignored and should be addressed. Civic leaders of the Democratic Party recognize that both civic and political responsibilities are associated with creating safe empowering communities. While good politician and public administrators are critical to the governmental process; they are not miracle workers. They need the support of community organizer’s.

Project Soar in Atlanta will be launching a community organizer’s campaign. Project Soar is working with local churches and other Community Resource Centers to address both voter registration and getting individuals to the polls on election day in November.

The Project Soar community organizer’s campaign will address the need for change in the community by demonstrating what we do best and that is mobilizing. Each organizer’s services will help:

• Inspire and motivate residents to take ownership of their community
• Expose the similarities between a Mayor and a community organizer
• Create new passion for civil rights
• Continue to strengthen our capacity building structure within a community
• Eliminate the lack of voter participation in this country

The community organizer’s campaign needs your help in mobilizing transportation assistance between church’s, assisted living communities, housing authority residents, and those with disabilities in getting these individuals to the polls. We ask that you connect with any community resource center in your area to serve as a base structure to accomplish this goal. America does not have the luxury of procrastinating on this effort. We are up against a wall to almost do or die. Whether or not we like one another personally, we need to once again join forces and make this happen. Search and Recruit individuals and organizations with certified drivers and an available van or bus the will be committed to this partnership. The effort is not completed by only registering individuals to vote, if they don’t have a way to get to the polls the day of voting. Community organizers of all ethnic, racial and faith backgrounds must send a message to Capitol Hill as to why grassroots leadership is invaluable.

Project Soar will be handling all the administration, logistics, and scheduling in the Southeast Atlanta region. We need your support to help further these efforts to build stronger communities. For more information about this community initiative please call 404-567-4225 to leave a message or email of your interest. Please forward this to friends, associates, professionals and others who believe in the power of community organizing.

Project Soar Community Organizer’s

Men of Character
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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > In The Community > 2008 Upcoming Election

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