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I read this on another forum, I won't say the name of the forum as I am ashamed for the forum for what was written. The topic of the thread was "Can black people be racist?" Of course right off the bat I was....curious. Upon entering said thread, what I read was some of the most bizarre, ignorant, and racist comments I've read to date. From the very start a young lady posted that it was "statically impossible for blacks to be racist" Come again? Statistics can be made to say anything, that's not proof not to mention that was one of the dumbest answers I've ever heard. She also went on to say that she was an "authority on black people."

FACT: As long as you have the ability to think and feel, it is possible to be or think anything about everything.

A young man stepped in and posted that he thought that everyone was racist simply because they were. That's not even an argument, there's nothing to support or analyze. He would have been better off if he'd just said "I, me, a boo boo." It's ridiculous.

An older gentlemen even went as far as to say that he didn't believe that slavery ever took place, that it was a story created to make the minorities feel better about themselves. They have documented proof that slavery existed, it still exist today in some parts of the world, they even have pictures of the way things were back then, what? does he think they created those in Photoshop? Are you kidding me?

Another young lady decided to contribute by adding that she thought that black people enjoy sitting around at home while the government took care of them, not only that but she added that these people are teaching their kids to do the same and if "any" black person wanted to find a job they could go into any Walmart and get a job.

I think my eyes just crossed...again. What is this rather precarious idea based on, does she even know or understand how ignorant and stupid not to mention pointless that post was?

Another youngman posted that he thought not only were black people racist, but that they were the most racist of all. He is basing this off of what? The hand full of blacks he saw as he drove by in his daddy's car against the 90 white people he knows in his family Vs the 98% of races he doesn't know?

If anyone noticed that none of this is on the same subject, everyone is just bouncing around yelling black without a single point being made.

Someone asked me a while ago, if I had my choice would I be normal or weird? " What I'd be, if I had my choice, would be the Man in the mirror."
"I'm sick of meeting people that I like, I wish to God I could meet someone that I can respect."
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You are right MVP. Some of the comments they made were some of the craziest i've ever heard. But you know what... a lot of people think that way. Racism is a manifestation of fear, ignorance and selfishness.

She also went on to say that she was an "authority on black people."

This woman was either drunk or misinformed!
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I'm feeling your teeth grinding! Some web message boards are so full of foolishness that I often ask myself, "Was this posted simply to be stupid!" The world is full of ignorant, simpletons and it will remain so until the end of time. Some discussions are not worth your time or effort..... or the cramped fingers that you will experience trying to correct and educate the uninformed masses. We all know that anyone at anytime can present with racism. And that's about all the answer that the question really deserves!

Phenomenal Woman...
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