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Masturbation - low back pain
Hello I’m now 19 years old, I’ve been masturbation like 5 years, i can't say when but my back is hurting me when i do it, (low back pain), friends do it and i don't think they have this issue, even when i am with a girl if she sits on my lap with cloth on i feel it hurts me also I’m extremely very very nervous about this, I want to stop but does this issue mean i have a serious problem? How can I recover?
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Hey, dude I have exactly the same problem, except it happens at seemingly random times. I can't figure out what causes it-there's no link to masturbating several times a day, I dont think.
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I dont know how i missed this but i havent been able to log on in a minute. Look up information about "vas deferens". I read somewhere that problems in this area during ejaculation might cause pelvic or low back problems.

But that might not be good information. I would talk to a doctor (urologist) about it. I know its embarrassing for some men but its better than having a problem.
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I advise you to consult a sex expert as soon as possible.
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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Men's Room > Masturbation - low back pain

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