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Body Odor in Men
Body is the embarrassing condition for the men. Odor under arms smells so foul sometimes due to this. The body odor may differ from individual to individual and it may turn out to a very unpleasant experience. In scientific terms body odor is termed as bromohidrosis. The problem of the body odor has become very prevalent nowadays due to unhealthy living habits followed by the men. About 60% of the men worldwide suffer with the body odor. The causes of body odor in detail are as follows:

1. Basically, the bad odor of body occurs when the bacteria growing on the body comes in contact with the sweat. This reaction emits the foul smell that causes the body odor. The bacteria grow abundantly in the sweat and the smell gets more here to continue..
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use apple sider vinegar to prevent body odor.
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You can use combination of antiperspirant deodorants to reduce odor.

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Forum Start > Culture & Lifestyle > The Men's Room > Body Odor in Men

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