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Black Folks Guide to Making Big Money on the Internet

There's no mystery here. It's not magic.

That's the next thing we need to discuss... the Internet is NOT magic!

Here's another aspect of why so many people struggle (and fail) at making money on the Internet?

That is because they think the Internet can do things that are impossible.

They've been told again and again that all they need to do is join this program or sign up for that program... and send in some money... and they'll make tons of money while they sleep... because someone else is doing all the work!

They've been told they can earn 12% interest PER DAY... when some of the world's most highly-skilled fund managers struggle to maintain average returns of 12% PER YEAR... so they send in hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars and then they're shocked when the program collapses and they lose their "investment"!

They're told that they'll make money as a result of the "spillover" they get from their upline... who also signed up with the promise that they'd get spillover from their upline... and nobody does anything so nobody gets anything except the owner of the program. He gets the money you sent in.

Why do so many people believe that impossible things can somehow happen because of the Internet? Because they don't really understand what the Internet is and what it can and can't do.

Here's what the Internet is and what it can do...

The Internet is a vast network of specialized computers called "servers" that have the ability to communicate with your computer and my computer and millions of other computers all over the world.

To better understand the Internet, you might want to think of your computer as a telephone... and the servers as the switchboard at the telephone company.

When you click a link or enter a website url in your browser window, it's a lot like dialing a telephone number... but instead of you talking to your brother in Baltimore, your computer is talking to a server in a climate-controlled room somewhere. It's asking that server for a website or an email or a picture or a song... or whatever. The server's job is to store whatever is placed on it, wait until some computer makes a request... and then "serve" that website or song or whatever to the computer that made the request.

So the report that you're reading right now is being "served" to your computer by my servers in Orlando, Florida. How did it get on my servers? I put it there, so you could read it whenever it's convenient for you. That way I don't have to be there to answer the phone when you call... I can let my servers do that for me. They'll process your computer's request and "serve" what your computer has asked for.

Because so many things can be converted into a digital file and uploaded onto a server... and because your computer is so good at communicating with servers all over the world... it's easy to see why you might begin to think that your computer is capable of doing things it can't do.

After all, it's no exaggeration to say that the Internet is by far the most powerful tool ever invented by mankind for communicating and for storing, processing, and delivering information.

Yes, the Internet is capable of doing some pretty amazing things!

But the Internet can't do everything. Even the Internet has limits.

Here's what the Internet can't do...

The Internet can't create money out of nothing. The Internet can't cause money to flow into your bank account unless you DO something to actually EARN that money.

Why? Because all of the money in the world already belongs to someone... and they're doing their best to hold on to it. They're not going to send it to you unless they have a good reason!

So if you're going to make money on the Internet, the first thing you need to do is give a lot of people a very good reason to send their money to you.

What kind of a reason?

Basically, there are only two ways to get people to voluntarily send money to you.

* You can trick people... fool them into sending you money by telling them something that isn't true.

* Or you can provide people with something they want... something of value... something they're happy to pay for.

If your choice is to fool people... to cheat them out of their money using lies and deception... then you're wasting your time reading this information. I have nothing to say that will help you.

But if you're the kind of person who values honesty, if your personal integrity is worth more to you than a few dollars, if you understand that in every legitimate business transaction BOTH parties benefit, then Black Business Builders is going to help you in ways that you can't even begin to imagine.

There are a few things I want you to understand...


1. ) Although the Internet is an amazing tool, it owns no money. When someone tells you that you can put up a website and it will "suck money from the Internet like a giant vacuum on steroids"... they're hoping to fool you into forgetting that money doesn't come from the Internet. Money comes from people.


2.) Dishonest people tell the truth most of the time, but honest people don't lie. If someone tells you they can guarantee you'll make a million dollars in six months... you know they're lying, don't you? So why bother to believe anything else they tell you? Honest people don't lie.


3.) You can make money honestly... or you can make money dishonestly... but you can't build a successful business on dishonesty. Don't fool yourself. You can't build a successful business in a few weeks or a few months. It takes time to build a highly profitable business. During that time, everything you say will have to stand the test of honesty. Don't lie, don't exaggerate, don't stretch the truth, and don't promote a website that isn't 100% honest.


4.) Honesty, integrity, and providing a valuable product and/or service are the foundation of every successful business. If you've had enough of the liars and scammers, and you're ready to work a real business that you can proudly become of member of The Black Business Builders Club today.

For more info click here

Peace and Blessings,
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