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A garden full of Lavender
A Meditteranean shrub with a calming, antiseptic and minty effect. Its lavender coloured flower gives it the name Lavender. The credit of being an extremely versatile plant is evident through its secondary name, Nardus, meaning a thing of great value. The medicinal and cosmetic value of these fragrant blossoms gives high value to it. Nardus is used in ayurvedic medicine to cure symptoms of anxiety. It is a complimentary treatment for depression, stress and mood swings.The best antidote for insomnia, Lavender tea relaxes the nerves in our body.

The volatile oil extracted from Lavender finds sundry applications in the medical world. It is a good medicament for high blood pressure due to its sedative nature. Herbal baths using lavender oil is effective for paralysis, muscular spasm along with minor sprains and stiffness. A decoction of Lavender's leaves cures stomach aches, vomiting and nausea. Nardus is helpful in healing of wounds, injuries, burns as well as soothes burns and scalds.

Pathogenic effect of the oil makes it an effective cure for typhoid and diphtheria. Foot spas use this magic oil to prepare foot baths. This helps cut the stress and fatigue and bring in relaxation. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis and conditions like rheumatism are treated in Ayurveda through application of Lavender oil to provide relief and gradual healing. The honey from Lavender is a gourmet's delight because of its sweetness. The culinary and cosmetic uses of this herb of 'good luck' and longevity is also well known.
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > Anything And Everything > A garden full of Lavender

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