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Michael, Michael, Michael...
Just saw the news story in entertainment that said they are shutting down MJ's Never land park. Guess he didnt pay his crew since he skipped town.

Its a damn shame to see Mike falling apart like he has. Now he might be in trouble with the law over this mess.

What is even more sad is the young folks never got a chance to see MJ in his prime. Im talkin' in the mid 80's when the Jacksons was the #@!^...!!! They had women (and brothas) cryin' in the audience! LOL

But the young crowd only sees him as a freak nowadays.

A damn shame.
Willie C. In The NYC
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My friend, the young generation does not have a chance to see a lot of positiveness from our fellow brotha's, politicians, engineers, accountants, inventors. All they have is the entertainers that put their money making garbage out there. And I say that because I am just so tired of hearing songs about bending somebody over, or eating somebody out, or beating somebody down. Mike, Black man, you let us down, too.
Men of Character
For Brotha's who volunteer to mentor to the younger generation boys.
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The Jackson family unfortunately has their dysfunctionality on public display. Michael has so many disorders it's a shame that he simply isn't getting the attention he needs. He has mental disorders and since he's famous he's unlikely being told what he needs to hear.
Wherever you go...there you are.
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I agree with what Jack mentioned. I'm from the old school and it's a shame to see black music taking such a negative tone. What is even more upsetting is the fact that a lot of young girls and young women like that stuff. I don't know if it is because they really enjoy it, or low self-esteem, or what.

But yeah... Michael Jackson has created a lot of his own problems. He was somebody that a lot of people used to look up to and respect, but he has lost most if not all of that.
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > News Headlines & Stories > Michael, Michael, Michael...

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