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Dating Questions to ask
Some people get frustrated on a date, when asked certain questions. But how else can you get to know a person's character, likes and dislikes. I think if people start asking more questions within the first few dates, then they can determine if this is a person they can actually have a relationship with or if they should move on quickly.
What's your relationship like with your family? What are you looking for in a date and partner? What are your plans for your future? What are your biblical practices? What are your closest friends like? What do you have to offer a mate? What's your beliefs on raising children? Can you financially afford to date or are you looking for someone that has a lot of money to entertain your boredom?
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I agree.

A red flag for me is when a woman is evasive about questions regarding her past. Me asking her about her past lovers, encounters, etc. is not me being "nosy." It is giving me insight into her character, plus, if I go there with her, am I not entitled to know?

And when she is evaseive, I have no choice but to draw my own conclusions. And if I have to do thta, I'm gonna automatically assume the WORST, so she might as well be honest.
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I have to ask questions... lots of them! The thing is, if I don't know the woman and she gets offended by me asking a lot of questions, I won't feel bad if she walks away. Its not like we had a long relationship or something.

Like dabigmotor said, an evasive woman needs to be looked at closely. I can understand a sista being a little leery if she doesn't know a man, but if she's not answering questions about her past... it's probably because she's got something to hide.
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Well...are you dating to find that specail someone or just for the company?

Some people get evaseive becasue maybe they feel that you are not yet entitled to ask the question. True you want to get to know the person, but there are steps that you have to take. Just my opinion.
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I totally agree with Jack. I think asking questions that show who the person is will help you with making a choice to further your relationship with them. Most of the time people wait until they have gotten emotionally attached to really learn about their mates, and that time problems have arose
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"Some people get evaseive becasue maybe they feel that you are not yet entitled to ask the question."

All the more reason some men and women are able to hide true facts about themselves until it's too late. I don't believe there is a "wrong" time to ask important questions.

I've never been shy about answering any questions a man asked of me. If he can handle the truth, we're good. If something in my past disturbs him, it's best he knows now.
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i think how well you know a person prior to asking them on date, makes a difference on how someone responds. I think if it comes over like a 'spanish inquistion' then you may not recieve the responses you want either. Some people like to develop a level of trust and respect prior to divulging some personal information.
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