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V for Vendetta
I watched this movie last Sunday with some friends. The premise of the movie centers around a "new" Britain in which, in order to preserve peace and tranquility, has moved to a totalitarian society led by a Hitleresque character.

The lead character "V" is a disfigured survivor from some of the darker sides of the new revolution who is intent on getting revenge as well as bringing and end to the evil regime. He uses a Guy Fawkes mask (a man executed in the 17th century during a plot to assasinate the King at that time).

Natalie Portman is a woman caught up in battle between "good" and "evil" here who must take a bit of a soulseeking journey herself.

I found the movie to be interesting and a nice refreshing change in that the dialogue was not childish and the soundtrack was great. There are a lot of little things that seemed missing and I'd love to see an extended edition with my backstory but the overall quality of the movie and characters was enough for me to give this movie a thumbs up if you aren't the type of person that gets queasy over politics or dialogue with a few "run to the dictionary" words.

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the movie is originally from the comic mini - series which was written by Alan Moore...other creations of Alan Moore that have become movies have been Constantine and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen....good books to read
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Forum Start > Books & Movies > At The Movies > V for Vendetta

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