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World War 3
Why aint noboby come out and declared this world war 3? Everybody seems to be fighting each other. The US is fighting in Iraq and Afganistan; Israel is fighting Lebanon; North Korea is shooting missiles and trying to scare everybody; Iran is talking tough and dont like the US or Israel; African nations like Darfur, Sudan are still fighting with rebels and other groups.

Its just sad folks. Real, real sad.
Willie C. In The NYC
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Folks just can't get a long.
Wherever you go...there you are.
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For real. There is just too much evil in this world. Everybody wants to be better than somebody else. Or somebody has something somebody else wants.

Very, very sad.
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It is sad and you would think after all of the suffering that people would have come to understand that war isn't always the answer. Things have gotten bad again but it's yet to reach the level of a world war and I hope it doesn't.
"I'm sick of meeting people that I like, I wish to God I could meet someone that I can respect."
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I hate sounding like a religious fanatic but, that book called the Bible has been rather accurate. Wars and rumors of wars, men loving men and women loving women. High headed, stiff necked is interpreted as self-esteem and lovers of self more than God. Additionally, Iran is the original Persia and if any of you recall the movie 300. Persia have always been a people that live to fight and fight to live. According to religious scholars, the anti-christ is suppose to come out of Persia or Iran. Lebanon isn't the only people that are at odds with Israel. Lebanon, Muslims, Iran all want a piece of Israel. When Israel is surrounded by all of it's enemies, there will be a battle fought in the area of Armedia or Medigo. That is what we call Armeggedon.
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The world is in turmoil, can all the moral destruction be stopped?
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