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Lesbian and Gay fad
Let's talk about the lesbian and gay fad with the young generation. I think so many people have pushed this topic under the rug, don't want to be judgemental enough. I think if so many of us would stop turning our hands and stop being so quiet about this non-sense, then maybe, just maybe the madness with stop.

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Okay. Im too lazy to read that long blog, but I think only part of the lesbian/gay thing is a fad. I think some gay people are just made that way. Just like some animals in the wild have both male and female organs. But I do think a lot of people jump on the bandwagon and decide to 'change' lifestyles because they unhappy, confused or just want to be different and try something new. The problem is you cant tell who is just being gay for a 'fad' and those who seem to be that way from birth.
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All I know is, there exists nothing in the Bible condoning a gay or lesbian lifestyle. I don't hate gay people and know a few of them, but I wouldn't promote that lifestyle over a "straight" lifestyle.
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This is insane. Being gay is no more a fad than being straight. People are quick to quote the Bible, but refuse to take it into context.

Lets apply some strict, non-contextual biblical verse to women teaching in the church or having power over a man or slaves obeying your master.
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if people are joining the "fad" then they are bisexual not lesbian or gay....
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How can a lifestyle that predicts sexual preference be a fad? I guess its whatever the media says it is!
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my 2 cents
I don't know if it's a fad, habit, or a hobby. I do know that it's wrong according to the bible. If you are trying to live by the bible then you should know it too.
If a man speaks in the forest and no woman is around, is he still wrong?
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let us be very careful on biblical reference, because most of us just quote what we heard or where told to read, very rarely do we quote the entire text or the text before or after or the intended meaning. There is way too much loose interpretation of the bible.
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This subject is just ridiculous.

The reasons are that:

1. How can a lifestyle or a way of living be a fad? So that means being poor and living in ghettos is the "in" thing?

2. I have read the Bible. It doesn't condone homosexual living. Just that for marriage between a man and a woman, it should not ruin a marriage .....b ut so does incest and just plain infidelity...and too many men and women cheat in the world. So that means cheating on your spouse is not immoral? Too many forgive people and take sides on that. So unless people are more consistent on their beliefs than picking and choosing what is right or wrong, they can't judge this issue.

3. Whoopi Goldberg said a statment that stands true. "Homosexuality has been around since air." It's not going away. and despite what people think, its not a disease or fear...

4. For all the die-hard Bible quoters, think about this...There was a book published in 1851 that justified slaves and Black inferiority by passages in the Bible. So the die-hard Bible quoters should also believe this as well...hey it was in the Bible, right?

Sometimes I wonder about the thought process of Black people who have problems with gays, immigrants and such. They think they're better when we have been deemed all equal in the eyes of the Lord. Only God will judge us...what makes you think you're better God?

If this is just a "fad", then this silly debate should be too...but since homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time, then the people who just don't open up and read history are doomed to repeat it.

till all are one...
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I think it is illegal !!!
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