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Any Risk in Taking Viagra?
I am a 57 year old man, is there any risk in taking Viagra?

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Viagra and Cialis may increase the risk of sudden blindness in men with a history of heart attacks or high blood pressure, research suggests. ... However, the drugs' manufacturers have criticised the study as too small and said erectile dysfunction and Naion (optic nerve damage) had many of the same risk factors, making it difficult to know if the drug or the underlying condition was to blame.
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From age 45 I had trouble getting and keeping an erection and even i wanted to try viagra, sex was so rare an event my wife came off the pill. Unknown to her (I was embarrassed). Searching on the net one day I came across Generic Viagra on Online Shoppillrx and made a comment about it in front of my wife who immediately got the jest of the matter and ordered a pack of 50 mg Generic Viagra from Shoppillrx .I immediately gave one a try and had much success. As that band wore out very quickly, due to overuse (do you know what I mean), I placed my second order for 3 bands from online Shoppillrx. Ordering and delivery is so trouble-free now I am ordering for the third time. Guess What? I did not realize my wife was in the middle of her fertile time so, she fell pregnant. She is 46 but so far the doctor says all is well and we expect our 4th child in a couple of month’s time. Thank you Generic Viagra.
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To get more information about the risks of viagra and cialis, you should review the information on their sites. Then talk to your doctor about it (i sound like a commercial! But seriously i have used both and never had any problems. There are a couple of side effects but there not bad. Like with viagra i sometimes got a small headache. But if you start taking them regular (like once or more a week) that will go away. Definitely if you have had health problems (diabetes, heart problems) you should talk to your doctor and not get ANYTHING (even generic stuff) until your doc says your cool.
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Viagra is very effective and safe medicine for treating erectile dysfunction problem.viagra is the anti-impotence drug which are approved by FDA.viagra helps to improve the response of sexual stimulation.Many people achieve stronger erection by using viagra.
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No Risk in taking vigra it depends upon you health
if you are in 65 age group then go for small dose
and slowly increase the dose. if you have heart related
problem then try to avoid it.

Smith ALan
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Every drug has its side effects so as Viagra. The common side effects of this drug are: flushing, mild dizziness, headache,blur vision, itching etc.This symptoms are temporary, they disappear after some time. This symptoms are depending upon your dosage. Viagra should not be taken daily, It should be taken only when feel urge for sex.
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